Overview of the sander
Dec 24, 2018

It is the most widely used, most advanced and most efficient grinding equipment. The grinding chamber is the narrowest, the gap between the levers is the smallest, and the grinding energy is the most dense. With the high-performance cooling system and automatic control system, continuous continuous processing of materials can be realized. Material, greatly improving production efficiency.

The sand mill, also known as the bead mill, is mainly used for wet grinding of chemical liquid products. According to the performance, it can be roughly divided into horizontal sand mill, basket sand mill, vertical sand mill and so on. It is mainly composed of the body, the grinding cylinder, the sanding disc (the lever), the grinding medium, the motor and the feeding pump. The feeding speed is controlled by the feeding pump. The grinding medium of the device is generally divided into zirconia beads, glass beads, zirconium silicate beads, etc.

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