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  • Automatic Solder Paste Mixer

    Automatic solder paste mixer Planetary Mixer
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  • Silicone Sealant Planetary Mixer

    Planetary Mixer for High viscosity product Silicone sealant mixer Putty mixer
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  • Slow Speed Mixer

    Working Principle: High-speed Disperser is to dissolve, disperse and mix materials with different viscosity. Through the very high peripheral tip speed of the toothed disc, the strong shearing, crashing and friction forces generated between the materials and toothed disc...
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  • Low Speed Agitator Mixer

    High Speed Latex Paint Disperser /Emulsion paint mixer Mainly consists of five parts: hydraulic system, main drive, mixing system, steering mechanism and electric cabinet. Each part of the structure is compact and reasonable. According to the different methods of elevating,...
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  • Laboratory High Shear Mixer

    Introduction: SFJ-400 Versatile Sand-Milling dispersing-agitator is a product designed by our company. It concentrates sand-milling dispersion and agitation versatile equipments functions on these new products. It adopts squirrel-cage motor of frequency control. There is no...
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  • High Speed Electric Mixer

    Product Application Lab high-speed dispersion machine functions set dispersion and mixing functions into one, will be decentralized, heterogeneous two kinds of processes by a machine, a container is completed. High efficiency, good mixing effect, easy to clean. Manual lifting...
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  • High Speed Dispersion Mixer

    Usage: Widely used in mixing,dispersing and dissolving liquid and solid including paint,pigment,ink,pesticide, dye,resin,food etc. Product Introduction High Speed Disperser (Hydraulic Lifting) has dispersing and mixing function, which used for mass production; Equipment with...
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  • High Speed Centrifugal Mixer

    Introduction of FL stainless steel high speed honey mixer and blender: FL stainless steel high speed honey mixer and blender is a high speed dispersion machine for liquid and solid liquid mixtures to dissolve ,disperse and mix. It characterizes little air absorption when...
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  • High Speed Mixer Grinder

    Double Planetary Mixer equipped with a low speed and high speed dispersing component parts,components using low speed planetary gear transmission, stirring blade rotation when the revolution, the material down and around the movement, which in a short time to achieve the...
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  • High Speed Shear Mixer

    I.Application: High speed disperser is mainly used for Paint,Coating,Printing-ink,Resin,Food,Pigment, Glue, Adhesive, Dye, Cosmetic, etc. II.Description: 1.hydraulic lifting or Machanical Lifting,you can choose the one you want. 2.Material:stainless steel 3.Whole cooper wire...
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  • High Speed Paint Mixer

    Introduction: The FL dispersing machine is suitable for the coating, dyestuff, pigment, printing ink and adhesive industries to mix, dissolve and disperse the liquid and liquid-solid materials. In stirring and dispersing the materials, there are only a little absorption and...
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