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High Viscosity Mixer For Silicone Sealant

Silicone Sealant Planetary Mixer

Silicone Sealant Planetary Mixer

Planetary Mixer for High viscosity product Silicone sealant mixer Putty mixer
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1. Technical parameter





 Frame and Lifting

The host is composed of a square column, an electric control cabinet, operation panel, box type transmission device, automatic lifting device, agitator, stirring cover, mixing tank and other components, frame (material Q235) combining parts after the precision machining, lifting form, hydraulic cylinder lifting + double guide rod bucket lifting; host smooth operation, low noise.



 Tank and seal


1 mixing cap materials of stainless steel (304), containing a mirror as light, with 1 holes (DN50),

2 mix on the cover with a feeding port (quick open);

3 mixing tank liner with φ1000*850mm (design volume 670L, working volume 300L-500L), the material of stainless steel (304), the material of stainless steel (304), the tank body adopts a double-layer jacket (tank body / tank bottom) structure, equipped with 1 handles, the outlet for G2’ 'stainless steel ball valve (material 304). On the inlet and outlet of the water tank liner DN25, after machining fine , inside and outside surface after automatic polishing machine, finish to achieve high precision roughness, convenient charging and cleaning, the bottom of the tank is provided with four sets of mobile casters, including two movable type, two fixed;

4 planetary transmission for the full sealed maintenance free structure, and material contact material for stainless steel (304);

5 mixing cover and the tank body with silicone rubber sealing ring, shaft seal using mechanical seal (hard alloy), oil seal using fluorine rubber skeleton oil seal, other static seal using silicone rubber sealing ring;



1 low speed motor power 37 kW (China brand motor), frequency control (Danfoss  Inverter), multi edge planetary stirring speed range 0-60rpm, pitch and pitch distance 5-8mm, impeller and tank wall distance 5-8mm, paddle wall and the tank bottom distance 5-8mm;

2. the 2 groups of planetary stirring shaft and multi edge of the impeller material are stainless steel (304), with a soft scraper (material PTFE) to complete the end of the scraping action; (patented product)

3 One group of scraping wall (304+PTFE) to complete the scraping of the wall movement, the speed range of the wall of the 0-22rpm;

4 drive bearing the brand is NSK, HRB.




1 high speed motor power 45 kw, frequency control (Danfoss  inverter), speed range 0-2000rpm, toothed disc with φ200 mm dispersion specifications (line speed 0-23m/s);

2. Two  groups of dispersed shaft and high speed tooth shaped material are all stainless steel (304); (patent product, not easy to produce bubbles)

3. drive bearing the brand is NSK.



Temperature Control

1. Can set temperature;

2. With automatic temperature compensation function;

3. The temperature error range + / - 1 ° C.



Electrical control


1. Electric control panel button: the rise and fall, the power switch, stop.

2. Automatic PLC man-machine interface:

A. the humanized operation interface, both Chinese and English language selection;

B. automatic/manual mode selection, the keyboard input data parameters (speed, time, temperature);

C. contains wrong operation manual reset function;

F. more sections of mixing function (can be set 5 program, according to the different time, different rotation speed and temperature for automatic mixing);

G. program stirring parameter expansion set: automatic feeding switch setting, automatic vacuum setting, automatic emptying setting, automatic temperature setting (upper/lower limit);

H. data acquisition function (for timely stirring speed, temperature, time and other data collection).

I. system data query functions (but query timely voltage, current);

J. main program user permissions set, can customize the system password, prevent operation error;

K. handwritten message boards (succession can leave your message for the next working procedure)...



Safety Operation

1 after the tank is closed in place, the host can start work, and the tank can not be opened when the vacuum is not discharged;

2 in the process of the opening of the tank, the mixing paddle and the dispersing plate can be operated slowly, which is conducive to the mixing of the impeller ";

3 current overload, automatic tip;

4 when the temperature is out of range;

5 when the mixing tank is not in place;

6 inverter main control power supply automatic protection (including two start function);

7 when starting the program, you must wait for all the program to complete the operation before other operations;

The 8 part of the error, automatic prompt;

9 when working condition of the main engine, the vacuum pump will not work automatically, do not touch;

10 host to be reliable grounding.

11 the operating voltage of the human machine interface is safe voltage (24V).







Drive component

1 fluorine silicone rubber oil seal ---- Taiwan

2 bearing - Japan NSK+ HOB

3 mechanical seal (hard alloy)

Synchronous belt - Import


Electrical brand

 Motor ---- China motor

Danfoss  Inverter

Japan - Shihlin contactor

Button - Taiwan Tend

Indicator light - Taiwan Tend


Touch screen: Kinco

Electrical component: CHINT


Machine outlook and others




Outside dimension

L:2850 mmxW1600mm x H2650 mm


Machine body---White



About 5600kg

Working noise


Spare parts

Glass of mirror


maintenance instructions, the user operation manual

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