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Development History Of Kneading Machine
Dec 24, 2018

The kneading machine was developed by Heinz Rees, which became quite popular as it appeared in the processing industry. In 1966, Heinz once said that "in the course of operation, high-concentration materials are more effective than low-concentration and more economical." Heinz believes that handling high concentrations of materials means less solvent or no solvent, which maximizes the process benefits per unit volume. Handling high-concentration materials is a very complex and challenging task in itself, and new technologies are needed to better handle high-concentration materials. As a result, he began to develop a process technology that is reliable and capable of handling phase changes in high-concentration materials, the so-called "dry process".

Derivative in China

In 1967, the kneading machine was introduced from the former Soviet Union and entered China. It was introduced into the country by the state-owned Nanjing 518 Factory (now the Chinese weapon Nanjing Enso Group) of the Fifth Ministry of Machinery Industry at that time, mainly for the production of nitro-cut slices and the manufacture of nitro explosives. After nearly 50 years of development, the current China Ordnance Industry Group Sichuan Northern Nitrocellulose Co., Ltd. has become the world's largest production base of nitro explosives.

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