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Development Trend Of Sand Mill
Dec 24, 2018

Advances in grinding media separation systems As the demand for fineness of the product continues to increase, the size of the abrasive media used is getting smaller and smaller. The separation of small-sized grinding media is one of the most difficult problems in the development of sand mills.

The gap ring used in traditional sanders (small flow area) and static screens are difficult to separate small-sized media separations! So more and more dynamic centrifugation systems are used. The centrifugal force generated by the separation of the rotor to rotate the medium causes the medium to be twisted toward the outer periphery of the rotor, while the center of the rotor is mainly slurry, and the separation screen is arranged at the center of the rotor, and the material can smoothly flow out through the gap of the screen, and will not flow. Blockage and wear. Therefore, the principle of using dry gas flow classification for sander media separation is a technological leap in the history of sand mill development!

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