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Sanding Machine Operation Attention
Dec 24, 2018

1 Long-term parking, check whether the dispersion disk is jammed by the media before starting the machine. If the coupling does not move, the pump can be used to pump the solvent. Do not force the start to avoid damage to the friction plate.

2 Long-term parking. Before starting the machine, check whether the top screen has crust paint. If it is, clean it with solvent to avoid roof collapse due to blockage of the screen.

3When “topping” occurs, stop the cleaning screen immediately, place the slurry basin, adjust the speed of the slurry pump, and restart. Otherwise, the paint may intrude into the spindle bearing and cause the bearing to wear or damage the feed pump.

4 Do not start when there is no paint and grinding media in the cylinder.

5 When cleaning the cylinder with solvent, only the disperser can be rotated slightly and intermittently to avoid component wear.

6 When using new sand, it should be screened to remove foreign matter. Sand for sander should be cleaned regularly and replenished with new sand.

7 The observation window should be kept intact to prevent damage caused by sand collapse during the operation of the sander.

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