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  • Automatic Solder Paste Mixer

    Automatic solder paste mixer Planetary Mixer
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  • Silicone Sealant Planetary Mixer

    Planetary Mixer for High viscosity product Silicone sealant mixer Putty mixer
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  • XYZ250L Solvent Recycling Machine

    First: Product information: a) Specification: 1. Explosion proof box conforms to China Exd IIB T4 explosion-proof standard b) Recovery capacity: 250 liters, all stainless steel manufacturing, corrosion resistance, beautiful. c) The machine has over-temperature protection,...
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  • Paint Solvent Recycling Machine

    Separate the contaminants from the dirty thinner Thinner Solvent Recycling Machine can easily treat and recycle a large amount of waste solvent or industrial wastewater every day. Just for a while, you will get clean, pure and high-quality recycled solvent, with good...
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  • Water Based Automatic Ink Dispenser

    System Specification – Dispenser Dispense Console Fully automatic compact dispenser designed to dispense into 20L (5 US Gallon) pails to an accuracy of +1 gram (0.002 lbs). Dispensing controlled directly by a Delta PLC controller linked to the Host PC which will contain all...
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  • Automatic Fully Blowing Machine

    Features: 1. Stable performance with advanced PLC 2. Conveying preforms automatically with conveyor. 3. Strong penetrability and good and swift distribution of the heat by letting the bottles rotate by itself and revolute in the rails simultaneously in the infrared preheater....
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  • Thinner Recovery Machine

    Recoverable solvents list 1. Aromatics categories: toluene, xylene, mesitylene, etc. 2. Aliphatic hydrocarbons: pentane, hexane, octane, etc. 3. Alicyclic hydrocarbons : cyclohexane, cyclohexanone, toluene and cyclohexanone, etc. 4. Halogenated hydrocarbons: chlorobenzene,...
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  • Solvent Recycling Machine

    Introduction: This machine can make waste organic solvent regeneration, recycling of waste water, can restore the used exhaust gas or a variety of colors of waste solvents(such as thinner, toluene, water, xylene and other ornanic solvents used for cleaning ) to new solvents,...
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  • Laboratory Three Roll Mill

    Introduction: S65 lab Three Roll Mill Three rollers grinder is mainly used for paste materials of paint, printing ink,pigment and plastic. It is specially applied in polishing the materials with dispersitivity,high viscosity, and fineness. The machine effects in polishing...
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  • Hydraulic Three Roll Mill

    1. Introduction Hydraulic three roll Mill 3 roller grinding is widely used for high viscous material grinding, like printing ink, pigment, soap, plastic, lube grease, chocolate etc., with good grinding fineness. The three rollers will push & press each other, and generate...
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  • Three Roll Mill Machine

    Features: Complete machine of three rollers grinder this series is welded by high quality steel plate. The transmission gear adapts oil-immersed type and the operative hand wheel is transmitted by gear. It features beautiful appearance, convenient to operate, long life and so...
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  • Semi Automatic Paste Filling Machine

    Main characteristics: Piston Paste and liquid filling machine This is an inline piston filling machine for paste and liquid. It adopts PLC and touch screen control panel. It accurate measuring. Advanced structure, fast filling speed, it has obtained the nation patent. It is...
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