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Recycling Machine

  • Paint Solvent Recycling Machine

    Separate the contaminants from the dirty thinner Thinner Solvent Recycling Machine can easily treat and recycle a large amount of waste solvent or industrial wastewater every day. Just for a while, you will get clean, pure and high-quality recycled solvent, with good...
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  • XYZ250L Solvent Recycling Machine

    First: Product information: a) Specification: 1. Explosion proof box conforms to China Exd IIB T4 explosion-proof standard b) Recovery capacity: 250 liters, all stainless steel manufacturing, corrosion resistance, beautiful. c) The machine has over-temperature protection,...
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  • Thinner Recovery Machine

    Recoverable solvents list 1. Aromatics categories: toluene, xylene, mesitylene, etc. 2. Aliphatic hydrocarbons: pentane, hexane, octane, etc. 3. Alicyclic hydrocarbons : cyclohexane, cyclohexanone, toluene and cyclohexanone, etc. 4. Halogenated hydrocarbons: chlorobenzene,...
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  • Solvent Recycling Machine

    Introduction: This machine can make waste organic solvent regeneration, recycling of waste water, can restore the used exhaust gas or a variety of colors of waste solvents(such as thinner, toluene, water, xylene and other ornanic solvents used for cleaning ) to new solvents,...
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